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For those of you who are still coming to this page and have not been given the memo - I do apologize. WWEStrikesBack! has found a new home under a different name.

As a writer and a wrestling fan, I was unhappy with this blog. I felt like I was just repeating nonsense that could be read anywhere else. So I decided to start fresh. Much like when wrestlers move to a different brand or promotion.

This new home is hosted by You might have heard of it. The site is called "The Wrestling Times." Click here.

This new site will expand wrestling not just in WWE. I will take some time to talk about WWE, TNA and whenever I'm fortunate - Wrestling DVDs, ROH, ChickFight, Shimmer. And any other indie stuff thrown my way. The indie stuff I have to warn you will not be up to date. Since most indie stuff are recorded strictly for DVD sales. And I simply do not have the money or the brain cells to kill in watching everything. Much like WWEStrikesBack! - The Wrestling Times is a solo project. It is my passion to write, especially about wrestling.

What about Twitter? You may ask? Well, I still have the same twitter account @WWEStrikesBack

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So for those of you who have followed me. I thank you. But the good times do not have to end. Because I've just moved the wrestling party over to a new place. You now have the option on to subscribe to my blog and get up to the second! updates whenever I post something on my blog. And you can read the entire post straight from your phone. (Data charges may apply) seeing as you need a data plan to receive e-mails. And you will be able to comment on my posts directly from the e-mails. So this is me moving on to bigger and better things. I've recently went to the Fatal 4-Way PPV and posted 3 awesome posts of my experience at the show. If you followed me on twitter, I posted a photo of my awesome view, right behind the time keeper. So yeah. Check out the new home and continue to follow and believe in me on twitter.

New home: The Wrestling Times
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

SmackDown Results: 4/2/10 - SmackDown Gets Swag!

Chris Jericho No Longer Champion, Bank on That!

Similar to two years ago when Edge lost the World Heavyweight title to C.M. Punk, after Batista assaulted Edge which prompted Punk to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and defeat Edge to win the title, Jack Swagger cashed in his briefcase on Chris Jericho, who had just been assaulted by Edge. Seems like karma is coming back to Edge tenfold as he was dubbed the Ultimate Opportunist for cashing in the first-ever Money in the Bank contract against John Cena after he had retained the title inside an Elimination Chamber back in 2006 at New Year's Revolution; and again on The Undertaker in 2007 who had just retained his title in a Steel Cage Match on SmackDown. Edge lost his title match to Chris Jericho at WrestleMania after a blatant shot to the head with the World Heavyweight Title, but Edge received retribution when he speared Chris Jericho off of the announce table and into the time keeper's barricade. Being denied of a rematch on SmackDown, Edge rushed Jericho with the Edgecution followed by a Spear! Jack Swagger than used the opportunity to strike Edge with the briefcase, cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, and connected with the Gutwrench powerbomb for his first World Heavyweight Championship.

Jack Swagger became the ECW Champion on January 12, 2009 by defeating Matt Hardy for the strap, and now more than a year removed, Jack Swagger won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania and cashed it in just five days later to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Swagger was always meant for greatness, but his switch over to RAW and constant jobbing to Santino Marella has hurt his credibility as the Champion. But much like Edge and C.M. Punk who cashed in their first Money in the Bank contracts when they weren't ready, over time they became credible World Champions. If this reign is anything like we saw in ECW, SmackDown is in for a rush of intense physical match ups and successful title retentions.

It's About Tyme Cryme Tyme Split
R-Truth and John Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme

After losing against R-Truth and John Morrison, in which Shad Gaspard never had the chance to tag in his partner, Gaspard assaulted JTG. Cryme Tyme have been teaming, stealing, and tugging together for four years, but another loss and zero tag team titles later, Shad has had enough.

With a big boot to the face followed by an STO on JTG, Shad Gaspard has proclaimed that there is no more Cryme Tyme, but only "My Time." Realistically, Cryme Tyme has never been a formidable tag team, never accomplished any goals, and has jobbed to everyone in the business. In late 2009, WWE had given individual attention to JTG who scored an upset over Chris Jericho. It is a surprise that now Shad Gaspard is getting the push towards a singles career. Will we see a match between these two former tag team partners, or will JTG slowly be forgotten?

Matt Hardy's WWE Future Shock
Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy

This match up between Matt Hardy and Drew McIntyre cannot even be considered a squash match because it never started. McIntyre attacked Matt Hardy prior to entering the ring and struck with the Future Shock DDT. A few weeks ago, Matt Hardy delivered Drew's second "first loss" to qualify for Money in the Bank. Yet, with another WrestleMania set in the record books, Drew McIntyre went back to doing what he was known for, dominating his opponents. As for Matt Hardy, the heart and soul of the WWE, he was seconds away from becoming this year's Mr. Money in the Bank. And while the out pour of cheers for the possible culmination of a twelve year long journey was strong within the University of Phoenix Stadium, Matt Hardy did not win. Then for WWE to place Matt Hardy in this job boggles the mind. The fans want Matt Hardy to reach the mountain top, why would the powers that be within the WWE keep throwing Matt back in a jobbing position?

Back to India The Great Khali Goes
Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali

In another squash match (becoming a regular thing), Dolph Ziggler picked his spots and locked in the sleeper hold on The Great Khali. The Punjabi Playboy was able to throw Ziggler off, but was susceptible to a second sleeper. Unable to break the hold, Khali was unable to continue and lost the match via submission. Afterwards, Khali informed the WWE Universe that he would be returning back to India to spend time with family and recharge his batteries. In other words, either his visa has expired, or his leave of absence from the Punjabi police force is long over due.

C.M. Punk's Hairy Proposal

C.M. Punk lost to Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania, thus losing a new recruit to the Straightedge Society. The leader of the Straightedge Society has requested a rematch, and if Punk loses to Mysterio again, he is willing to part with his hair. Much like the sacredness of a Samuari's top knot, Punk's hair is a symbol of his leadership status within the Straightedge Society because he has never been tainted with drugs or alcohol. Punk's offer is to show Mysterio that he actually cares about saving his soul. But do not let the offering fool anyone, because behind those eyes of C.M. Punk lies hatred towards a world filled with drugs and alcohol. C.M. Punk may look like the anti-Christ, but his dream of a non-hallucinogen society has some merit; however, his approach of the ends justify the means disregards the law of free will.

A Glam Slam Victory
Beth Phoenix and Tiffany vs. Michelle McCool and Layla w/Vickie Guerrero

Beth Phoenix was not able to lead her team to victory at WrestleMania, but on SmackDown she proved once again why she is the most dominate diva in all the WWE. She once again teamed up with Tiffany against Women's Champion Michelle McCool and Layla. Tiffany continued to improve on her in-ring skill set as she tripped McCool with a drop down toe-hold and connected with an Inverted Atomic Drop. But it was Beth Phoenix who dominated Layla with an airplane spin, clotheslines, and The Glam Slam. Vickie Guerrero may not want to give Beth Phoenix a title shot, but eventually Vickie will be forced to place McCool in a title match.

Kane's NEXT victims
Kane vs. All 8 NXT Rookies

Kane growing bored and frustrated with the amounting losses announced that he would take on his frustration against the entire NXT roster. After the pros had their first poll to rank the NXT rookies, it has been announced that in six weeks, the rookie that reaches last place will be eliminated from the NXT competition. So for this match to feature all the NXT rookies is a major treat, because only one will make it into the WWE, while the other 7 will be sent back to FCW or out of WWE.

Kane started out the match with Daniel Bryan, who ranked #1 in the polls despite his 0-5 loss record prior to voting. Daniel Bryan may be the best wrestler, but when it comes to the Big Red Monster Kane, 10 years in the indies cannot prepare you for that encounter. Wade Barret, ranking in 2nd place and mentored by the now-former World Heavyweight Champion, was the first to be eliminated by Kane. Heath Slater, undefeated on NXT, became Kane's next victim as he was eliminated. The match ended in disqualification as the remaining 6 rookies ambushed Kane, thus disregarding the tag-in rule. Then in order to make an impact, Daniel Bryan went air born with a double kick to the face of Kane, followed by Justin Gabriel who struck with the 450 Splash.

The World Heavyweight Champion's Inaugural Address

The new World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger, addressed the WWE Universe and proclaimed that his World Title win was a sign of him succeeding Shawn Michaels as the company's greatest wrestler. Jack Swagger does have the makings of becoming a dominate World Champion, it is however sad that it took a World Title to elevate his status, when his wrestling and power speaks for itself.

Chris Jericho and Edge argued on who should take on Jack Swagger, seeing as Jericho is injured and unable to use his rematch and Edge does not have a rematch. Teddy Long, possibly the worst GM in the WWE, is giving Chris Jericho, an injured man, a hard time of not wanting to use his rematch. Yet, he allows Michelle McCool to not defend her title well past the 30 day mark. If Batista can utilize his rematch when he feels the time is right, Chris Jericho should be allowed until the next pay-per-view to contend for Swagger's title.

Afterwards, Teddy Long has announced that next week, Chris Jericho and Edge will face each other for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. Then Chris Jericho struck Edge with the Codebreaker, but was doubled in pain from his existing injury. Jack Swagger entered the ring and delivered Gutwrench powerbombs to both Chris Jericho and Edge. Love him or hate him, Jack Swagger is the World Heavyweight Champion.

Friday, April 2, 2010

WWE Superstars Results: 4/1/10 - Legends' Influence on today's WWE stars

The People's Champ, MVP?
MVP and Kofi Kingston vs. Zack Ryder and Carlito w/Michael Tarver

Coming out of an explosive week from WrestleMania, MVP and Kofi Kingston, who participated in this year's Money in the Bank, teamed up to take on Zack Ryder and Carlito. Either MVP or Kofi Kingston would have done well with the momentum of being Mr. MitB, but that honor has been given to Jack Swagger, who attempted to use it on John Cena before he got the upper hand. MVP, despite recent raves of him trying to relieve the glory days of '07, has gone over with the fans and is a true candidate to become the next face of the company. Kofi, on the other hand, is exciting to watch but his lack of mic skills and loss of identity hurts him for the running. If Kofi is not Jamaican, then why does he continue to act the same way?

At the start of the match, Michael Tarver, Carlito's NXT Rookie, seemed to have a few choice words with MVP as they started trading shoves on the outside. Tarver, who is mainly there to be an observer, may have been trying to make a name for himself after the poor ranking he received on NXT, 7th out of 8 places.

As for the other team, Zack Ryder is peeved for getting squashed by MVP as he missed out on being a part of the Money in the Bank Ladder match. And for the lack of Rosa Mendes' support as she failed to accompany him at the start of his entrance. However, Rosa being in a hot tub with the stars of The Hot Tub Time Machine on RAW may have escalated into a fight between the two. In regards to his partner for the match, Carlito has had his share of girlfriends that always went south, the last being Playboy Model and former WWE Diva, Torrie Wilson.

Aside from the incident with Tarver and MVP, the match mainly focused on MVP's eminent rise of super stardom. MVP has similar traits to The Rock from his charisma to rallying the crowds for the Ballin' Elbow Drop, much like people cheered for The People's Elbow. MVP started his career with "MVP Sucks!" much like The Rock had "Die Rocky, Die!" Though sad that MVP did not win Money in the Bank, it has yet to be used in an honest way, and when MVP becomes World Champion it will be done the right way.

The match ended with Kofi Kingston connecting with the Trouble in Paradise Kick to Carlito, after MVP knocked out Zack Ryder with the Drive-By Kick.

Yoshi Tatsu eliminating former ECW rivals
Yoshi Tatsu vs. William Regal w/Skip Sheffield

Yoshi Tatsu had his own WrestleMania moment this past Sunday by winning a 26 Over-the-top Battle Royal prior to WrestleMania going on the air. He won the Battle Royal by last eliminating former ECW rival Zack Ryder. In this match, Zack Ryder took on another former ECW rival, the 2008 King of the Ring winner, William Regal. Alongside Regal was his NXT rookie, Skip Sheffield, who he could not be more disappointed in after ranking in 6th place.

Despite an impressive Regal Stretch, the match ended with Yoshi Tatsu striking with two Roundhouse Kicks to the back and head of William Regal for the three count.

According to Michael Cole, Yoshi Tatsu got to talk to 2010 WWE Hall of Famer Antonio Inoki, the founder of New Japan Pro Wrestling, a two-time WWWF/WWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Champion, and a one-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion. After meeting one of his heroes, Tatsu went on to win the Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Inoki possibly provided Tatus with some inspirational stories and advice on succeeding in the business.

The Hart Dynasty - The Team to Watch
The Hart Dynasty vs. The Dudebusters

Who in the blue hell are Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta? Prior to the demise of the ECW, Croft and Barreta were two new superstars added into an unofficial third superstar initiative to offset the loss of Sheamus leaving for RAW. Going through several changes from circus music, to video gamers, it appears they have settled on "The Dudebusters." Really? Is that the best that Croft and Barreta can come up with? Instead of being drafted over to SmackDown following the end of ECW, Croft and Barreta should have been sent back to FCW or have competed on NXT because they clearly need more training.

In the most impressive switch, the Hart Dynasty are now bonafide fan favorites. How did this occur? Just last week on WWE Superstars, Tyson Kidd fought in an impeccable main-event against Rey Mysterio. However, it did not start there seeing as a little boy shouted out "Tyson, you suck!" during mid-match. The Hart Dynasty were left out of this year's WrestleMania as they failed to win a Triple-Threat Qualifying match to contend for ShoMiz's Unified Tag Team Titles. But the surprise came when The Hart Dynasty, along with other members of the Hart family, were named lumberjacks for Bret's No Hold's Barred Match against Mr. McMahon. The Hart Dynasty helped out a troubled Bret Hart on how to conduct more punishment to the Chairman of WWE. Then on RAW, Bret Hart issued a challenge to ShoMiz to take on The Hart Dynasty in a non-title match. Even though it was won via a count-out, The Hart Dynasty have certainly turn heads and the mind-set of the WWE Universe. Many believed that Bret Hart would be spending most of his stint managing the Hart Dynasty, but Bret only needed to endorse them once in a major way to put them on the map.

The match was a fantastic display on why the Hart Dynasty are the team to watch. While Croft and Barreta were impressive in cutting off the ring, the quickness of Tyson Kidd offset that of a potential double team effort. The final graduate of the infamous Hart Dungeon, Tyson Kidd has proven in his mat work why he is the best in-ring technician that the WWE has. The son of "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith, David Hart Smith is a brawler much like his father. His shoulder tackles along with his impressive array of suplexes really provides an interesting fortitude for the Hart Dynasty. Trent Barreta was unable to bring down Smith with a flying neckbreaker because Smith managed to tag in Tyson Kidd to perform The Hart Attack. The match ended in a submission victory after Tyson Kidd slapped on the Sharp Shooter to Trent Barreta, while David Hart Smith kept Caylen Croft from breaking the hold with a big boot to the face.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NXT Results: 3/30/10 - Charisma over Wrestling?

The American Dragon is #1

In WWE NXT's 6th week of competition, NXT host Matt Striker finally revealed the purpose of NXT. The winner of the NXT competition will not only become the next breakout star, but the winner will receive a title opportunity against the champion of their choice at a pay-per-view event. Now the reason that Matt Striker informed the WWE Universe is because the pros had casted their first official vote weighing in on Win/Loss record; Strength of opponent; Work Ethic; and the "It" factor. These are the results of the 1st Pros Poll:

8th Darren Young
7th Michael Tarver
6th Skip Sheffield
5th David Otunga
4th Heath Slater
3rd Justin Gabriel
2nd Wade Barrett
1st Daniel Bryan

In six weeks another poll will be conducted, and this time if a rookie is ranked last they will be eliminated from competition. And each week after that a rookie will continue to be eliminated until there are only four remaining. Unsure what the final four will be doing, but we will find out as NXT marches on.

Darren Young, who's dead last on the Pros' Poll, has had a tough time trying to make an impact due to the lack direction from his mentor, C.M. Punk. Daniel Bryan, despite his 0-5 loss record, is #1 on the Pros' Poll obviously due to his tremendous work ethic and strength of opponents, including matches against World Champion Chris Jericho and former World Champion The Great Khali. However, The American Dragon noted Michael Cole for his disparaging remarks on his 10-year indy wrestling career; and mocked a certain "A-lister" for his lack of wrestling ability, despite having "charisma." In the realm of the WWE, charisma tends to be more important than wrestling ability (just look at John Cena and Batista). A feud between David Otunga and Daniel Bryan could be the defining feud between the art of pro-wrassling and sports entertainment.

The Majestic Eagle is the Best in the World, thanks to Jericho!
Pros SmackDown vs RAW 8-Man Tag Team Match

Advertised for the 6th installment of NXT was a SmackDown vs. RAW Pros 8-Man tag team match, followed by an 8 Rookie Battle Royal where the winner will host the following Monday Night RAW.

Representing RAW were Christian, William Regal, Carlito, and The Miz, and representing SmackDown were R-Truth, C.M. Punk, Matt Hardy, and Wade Barrett? After Chris Jericho successfully defended his World Title against Edge at WrestleMania, Edge speared Jericho off of the announce table and into the time keeper's barricade. Chris Jericho, despite still being the World Heavyweight Champion, was unable to compete and allotted his NXT Rookie, Wade Barrett, his spot in the match. Chris Jericho revealed later on as he commented alongside Michael Cole and Josh Matthews that it was part of his strategy to allow Barret to gain experience and momentum within the NXT competition.

Chris Jericho did a phenomenal job commentating, as he was unbiased towards everyone in the ring, paying each of them their dues. The WWE Universe loves Matt Hardy because of his drive to rise to the top of the WWE; R-Truth's quickness and agility with various drop and flying kicks makes him entertaining to watch, including the fact that he tried bumping off everyone on the RAW side (friend or foe) in order to avoid a possible pin-cover break; despite the talks of S.E.S., C.M. Punk is a great wrestler seeing as Jericho and him have has battles in the past; William Regal showed mutual respect towards his countrymen, Wade Barret, but refused to fight him, which he did not respect him fully enough to compete against him; The Miz has done alright for himself in obtaining various championships, but his wrestling experience is less than his NXT rookie Daniel Bryan; and as for Carlito, he maintained good offense by wearing down R-Truth and Matt Hardy.

The ending moments of the match came about when Wade Barret broke Christian's cover over C.M. Punk which broke into a melee of finishers and high risk maneuvers from the other pros. Wade Barrett then tagged himself in, which, prompted by the distraction from Chris Jericho, was able to toss Christian with his modified fireman's carry slam. If there was any doubt that Wade Barrett could become the next breakout star, he pinned Christian within this all Pros tag team match. Chris Jericho is the best in the world at what he does, whether its wrestling, commentating, or mentoring the next WWE Superstar.

The A-Lister to Host Monday Night RAW
8-Rookie Battle Royal: Winner hosts Monday Night RAW

The 8-Rookie Battle Royal determined a quick winner within David Otunga, but the methods of these NXT Rookies were, well, rookie mistakes. Due to amazing victory just moments ago, the other 7 Rookies first eliminated Wade Barrett. Michael Tarver was soon eliminated during commercial break; and soon there after, Skip Sheffield tried charging through Darren Young, but was instead tossed over the ropes. Young attempted a high aerial maneuver but was knocked off and eliminated by Daniel Bryan. Heath Slater charged and knocked over and eliminated Daniel Bryan, while also eliminating himself.

The match came down to Justin Gabriel and David Otunga. Aside from NXT, Justin Gabriel has been training and receiving instruction by both Matt and Jeff Hardy. The Hardys are very fond of Justin and believe that he will become the next break out star. However, Justin Gabriel's disadvantage came down to his size and wrestling style. Instead of strategizing how to knock over Otunga from the top rope, Gabriel found it best to execute the 450 Splash. Then he attempted to pick up the dead weight of Otunga and roll him over the top rope. If Justin wants to know how to win a Battle Royal, especially at his size and strength, he should look at tapes of Shawn Michaels and how he did it. David Otunga overpowered Justin Gabriel and won the match. So this Monday Night, David Otunga hosts Monday Night RAW.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RAW Results: 3/29/10 - No Go for Jack Swagger

The Champ is Here, or is He?

Many moments were made at WrestleMania, the start of a career and the ending of one, but the culmination of the face of the company came down to John Cena tapping out Batista. Two years ago at Summerslam, Batista defeated John Cena in a one-on-one match; yet, Batista has based this whole WrestleMania title defense on that one match. Batista kept saying that John Cena has never defeated him, yet it was only one match. John Cena, the new WWE Champion yet again, presented Batista with a rematch for the WWE Championship. However, John Cena knowing full well that Batista will decline the opportunity for another night, narrorates to the WWE Universe on Batista's next move. This whole John Cena being the champ thing is a drag and we know, and John Cena knows it, that the following day it is usually the same thing over and over again. Why must we be tortured of seeing these things again?

Or is it the same? Jack Swagger, this year's Mr. Money in the Bank, attacked John Cena with the briefcase and called for a referee to cash in for the WWE Championship. Then again, John Cena managed to shake it off and almost caught Swagger in the STF, but Swagger escaped and declined his cashing in. If Swagger were to have cashed in and tapped out, it would have been the biggest waste of a Money in the Bank contract in history; in addition, it would have been the first time that a Money in the Bank contract did not yield a champion.

WWE Going Back in Time
Christian vs. Ted DiBiase - 80's Lumberjack Match

By order of the stars of the Hot Tub Time Machine (who travel back in time to the 80's), issued that the first match be contested under Lumberjack rules. And because the stars go back in time to the 80's, the lumberjacks are all legends from the 80's: "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, Irwin R. Schyster, Pat Patterson, Nick Bockwinkel, Arn Anderson, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter, Tony Garea, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

The Lumberjack match was between Christian and Ted DiBiase Jr.,. Neither men accomplished their goals at WrestleMania, but this is a RAW to remember because it is Shawn Michael's farewell to the WWE Universe. So if there was ever a time to make an impact it would be on this night. The two traded blows but after both Christian and DiBiase went over the ropes that's when the lumberjacks started trading blows to one another. You can that the wrestler out of the fight, but you cannot take the fight out of the wrestler. Christian capitalized on the distraction with a Killswitch to win the match.

10-Diva WrestleMania Rematch

At WrestleMania, Vickie Guerrero paid tribute to her late husband with the Frog Splash, or Bullfrog splash to win the match. However, this rematch lasted only 3 seconds, exactly the amount of time it takes to cover an opponent as Eve Torres scooped the Divas' Champion Maryse for the 1-2-3. And if that were not pointless enough, the divas "brawled" at the conclusion of the match, with the babyfaces on top.

Miz has Gold, but no Hart
ShoMiz vs. The Hart Dynasty (Non-title)

Bret Hart congratulates Shawn Michaels on the end of his storybook career. He admits that Shawn Michaels is the best wrestler of all time, and coming from "The Hitman" that means something. He thanks his mother, father, brother Owen, and D.B. Smith from Heaven for giving him the strength to return back to the WWE in order to find closure to the Montreal Screw job.

Leave it to the ShoMiz to ruin a fond farewell of the Hitman as The Miz mocks Bret Hart for winning his glorified 25-on-1 match against Vince McMahon. Win one match at WrestleMania and The Miz gets a swelled head. But you have to admire the heel streak of The Miz from mocking JBL a few months ago in a promo, to mocking Bret Hart. And Miz is right in stating that Bret Hart is overrated. The WrestleMania match between Bret and Vince was one of the worst worked matches in recent history. So when it came time to knock Bret Hart out of the ring, The Hart Dynasty provided back up.

Ever since helping Bret Hart out at WrestleMania which saw a Hart Attack utilized on Vince McMahon, The Hart Dynasty have gotten a wave of momentum, especially becoming instant fan favorites. In a non-title match against ShoMiz, The Hart Dynasty put the champions on notice. David Hart Smith placed Miz in a standing vertical suplex and Tyson Kidd managed to withstand Big Show's punishment due to his relentless energy and resilience. Yet, Miz, for some reason, tagged himself in when Big Show had Tyson locked in a chin lock. The match spiraled out of control for ShoMiz as the Harts connected the Hart Attack on Miz followed by a Sharpshooter. But before Miz could tap out, Big Show dragged Miz out of the ring and they were counted out. If the Miz wasn't so cocky and allowed The Big Show to do what he does best, than these things wouldn't happen. And even though the Harts did not pin or submit either Miz or Big Show, they still have a win over The Unified Tag Team Champions.

Mr. RKO trumps Mr. MitB
John Cena and Randy Orton vs. Batista and Jack Swagger

Never in a lifetime would anyone expect to see John Cena and Randy Orton willingly work together as a team. The main event match was Jack Swagger and Batista against John Cena and a partner of his choosing. And to have Randy Orton as his tag team partner is not only a shock but a statement that Randy Orton has become a fan favorite. John Cena and Orton have been mortal enemies ranging from 2007-2009, and it all came to an end at Bragging Rights as John Cena defeated Orton for the WWE Title in a one-hour Iron Man Match. But Orton's hatred for the men of Evolution, the faction he was a part of in 2005, runs deeper. Orton will never forget the night when Evolution turned on him after winning the World Heavyweight Title.

Randy Orton prevailed at WrestleMania, forever severing him from The Legacy. The match was a renewal in his career, and this main event generated more momentum from the WWE Universe. As the fans over on SmackDown chant "Spear," those of RAW chant "RKO." Randy Orton struck Batista and Jack Swagger with RKO's, and covered Swagger for the win. Mr. Money in the Bank, Jack Swagger is no where near ready to cash in that contract for the WWE Title if he cannot keep up with the RAW main-eventers.

WrestleMania XXVI: Part VI - Shawn Michaels's Final Match and Farewell

The Rematch: Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker

At WrestleMania 25, Shawn Michaels wrestled nearly the perfect match. Yet, one mistake cost Michaels the piece of heaven he had been searching for. At the 2009 Slammy Awards, Michaels accepted the award for Match of the Year but it wasn't enough because he had come up short on his promise to end The Undertaker's streak. That's why he emphatically stated, "Undertaker... I can beat you. I know it. And more importantly... you know it." However, then-World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker rejected Shawn's proposal because he had nothing to prove. Taker's rejection lead Michaels down a path of obsession to the point that he was willing to put everything on the line, even his career.

After costing The Undertaker his title at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, he finally accepted under the conditions that if Michaels loses, his career would be over. Michaels accepted with the somber words, "If I can't beat you at WrestleMania, then I have no career."

"Where will you be?"

The most highly anticipated rematch in history closed the 26th anniversary of WrestleMania. No one could fathom the thought of The Heart Break Kid's career ending, nor the end of a WrestleMania tradition within Taker's streak, but something had to give. Unlike last year, there was no psychological build up, only statements made by the other. Shawn Michaels's statement was that he wouldn't have placed his career on the line if he didn't know that he could beat him. That statement, and the hype carrying through from last year's masterpiece, was all this match needed to get the fans hooked. Wrestlers were interviewed during the last few weeks and they believed that if anyone could do it, it would be Shawn; and that no matter what we expected, it would surpass all expectations. The ads for this match read, "Where will you be?" As for this blogger, I was enjoying this match with a large WrestleMania viewing party. We made jokes and fun of all the matches leading up to the main event. We all knew what was at stake, and we watched diligently as Michaels fought his final match.

No fancy zip-line, or descending down from heaven entrances this year, Shawn Michaels simply entered the arena in an ever humbled Mr. WrestleMania way, and executed the famous Shawn Michaels' pose in the center of the ring underneath a cylinder titantron that read "HBK." The Undertaker's entrance, clocking in at around 4-5 minutes, featured Undertaker ascending from the depths of hell surrounded by blue lasers, and bestowing a killer trench hooded outfit. The University of Phoenix Stadium grew dark as Taker strolled through the ramp way and raised the lights once he got to the ring.

Shawn's WrestleMania Journey

Most opponents are usually intimidated when Undertaker steps into the ring, but not Shawn. Mr. WrestleMania stared into the black holes of Taker's eyes and did the throat-slicing gesture. Taker exploded from his corner and the epic match was underway. In the words of the moronic Michael Cole, "Vintage!" Undertaker tight walked the top rope for some Old School, but happened to tweak his knee on the landing. Michaels knowing full well attacked his possible injured knee by applying the Figure Four leg lock. Being the man that beat the man two years ago at 'Mania, Michaels' Figure Four was a testament of his journey and the road that he has taken to this date. Even when attempting the Crippler Crossface, a move made famous by the late Chris Benoit. However, Taker managed to counter the crossface and attempted to go for an early Tombstone Piledriver. And later on Taker would attempt another tombstone, but Michaels climbed down to reach Taker's foot and applied Kurt Angle's Ankle Lock and even executed Phase 2. This match could only be won via pinfall or submission, and to submit Taker at Mania would have been epic, even legendary.

The Showstopper

Hints of last year's match played out in a different way, proving that these men have studied the tape over and over again, trying to find ways to counter said moves. Undertaker, seeing Michaels on the outside, backed into the ropes to slingshot himself for another suicide dive. But without a camera man to block the dive this year, Michaels ran back into the ring with an impactful spear that even Edge would be proud of. Then when Taker was on the outside, Michaels went for a moonsault. Undertaker caught Michaels' moonsault again this year and tombstoned him on to the outside floor. This was the one mistake that cost Michaels the match last year, however, this year, it took place on the outside and not the inside. And then, the most impressive counter was against Hell's Gate, in which Michaels flipped over and caught Taker in a jackknife pin predicament. No one has ever found a counter to Hell's Gate, but this is why Shawn is "The Showstopper."

Undertaker-Michaels feud runs deeper

Many new fans may not remember, and it is a shame this was never mentioned towards the build up of this final encounter, but Shawn Michaels and Undertaker have feuded before. The two fought in the first-ever Hell in a Cell match when Shawn Michaels, hanging from the edge of the structure, had his hands stepped on by The Undertaker and fell from the structure, crashing down into the announce table. Michaels wound up pinning The Undertaker after a surprise debut by Kane who tombstoned Taker. And later on at the 1998 Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels, during a Casket match which cost him four years of his career, herniated two spinal discs and crushed one completely. Undertaker had back body dropped Michaels to the outside of the ring where he smashed his lower back on the casket. Twelve years later, these two men faced off one last time. If there were ever a man worthy enough to retire Shawn Michaels, it would have to be the man that retired him in '98.

Mr. WrestleMania

Shawn Michaels may not have an impressive WrestleMania record, but he has always out performed every wrestler. And once again, Shawn Michaels and Taker shared a series of counters and 2-counts, as each one kicked out of the other's finishing move. Undertaker set Michaels up for The Last Ride, but was countered into a DDT. Shawn Michaels went for the elbow drop, but was countered by lifted knees. Sweet Chin Music after Sweet Chin, and Tombstone after Tombstone, each one kicked out seconds away from the 3-count. Then Taker attempted to drive Michaels into the announce table with a Last Ride, but Michaels clocked him with Sweet Chin. Then of course, Michaels would not be Mr. WrestleMania if he didn't leave the crowd speechless, as he connected with a moonsault from the top turnbuckle unto a stretched out Undertaker. Then dragging Taker into the ring, Michaels struck with another Sweet Chin and went for the cover. Kick out.

Undertaker 18-0, Heart Break to All

How can Undertaker kick out of a Sweet Chin, an announce table breaking moonsault, and ANOTHER Sweet Chin? At WrestleMania, The Undertaker becomes something else entirely. Shawn Michaels knew the end was near, and after a Tombstone Piledriver, Shawn kicked out for the last time. Taker, unsure of what more to do, started the throat-slicing gesture but stopped mid way. Michaels staggered upward while Taker shouted "Stay down!" Michaels entered this match defying Taker and went out doing so, as he signaled the throat-slicing gesture and slapped Taker across the face. Undertaker grabbed Michaels and connected with a Spike Tombstone Piledriver, despite his weakened knee, to deliver the final blow to the career of Shawn Michaels.

Finding Heaven

It was Undertaker who cost Shawn four years of his career after their casket match, and it was Taker who ended Michaels' career forever. At the end of the match, Undertaker shook Michaels' hand and hugged him. Undertaker once told Shawn, "It is hell, trying to get to heaven." Yet, Michaels' final match, the love and respect from Undertaker, and the ending of his storied career, is heaven.

Triple-H's Thoughts

The following night on RAW, fellow D-X member, and best friend, Triple-H spoke about Shawn before he conducted his farewell speech at the end of the program. "We took on the world, didn't we buddy?" These two fought side by side, and sometimes face to face, but they always did it together. Before, Shawn and Hunter used to have the Kliq (with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash), but after wards it was just the two of them. He became friends with Shawn the very first day he started working for WWE, and like he said, they took on the world, both professional and personal.

Shawn's Farewell

When Michaels walked down the ramp and entered the ring one last time, Undertaker came out and tipped his hat to Michaels.

"Please don't go!"

Wrestling was the only thing Shawn Michaels had for a while. It's sad because wrestling in the ring was the only place in the world that made him like himself.

Michaels thanked Hunter for being his friend, even when no one else wanted to. Hunter was there for Michaels through his drug addictions, his outbursts, and his surgeries. Triple-H is and always will be his best friend.

"One more match!"

Shawn Michaels doesn't want to go back on his word to the fans or to The Undertaker. And for the rest of his life, he's going to do everything in his power to make sure that doesn't happen.

"Thank you, Shawn!"

He thanks Bret Hart, and admits that he drove him crazy back in the 90s, and that he had the right to say the things that he did. Michaels thanked him for forgiving him and allowing to earn his friendship. It is a relief to finally lay to rest the hatred these two men once had during their early careers in the WWE.

He also thanked Vince McMahon, who gave him the opportunity to let him do what he loves to do. A lot of people don't know this about Vince, but he kept Shawn from making even bigger mistakes that he could have during his self destructive state.

"I thank you all so much for giving me the honor and the privilege to come out here and letting me show off in front of you, every night of my life"

"And of course My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I thank you my King for saving me."

Triple-H came out to hug Shawn who kissed him on the cheek. They embraced one another with tears welling up in their eyes because it is the end of the era of Shawn Michaels. Triple-H then placed glowsticks down on the entrance ramp, signifying the end of D-Generation-X.

"This is how we started and this is how we're going to end. Ladies and Gentleman, "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels has left the building." - Shawn Michaels

Monday, March 29, 2010

WrestleMania XXVI: Part II

Is C.M. Punk's Straightedge Soceity the enemy, or Rey Mysterio?

Three years ago at WrestleMania, a young wrestler from Chicago, Illinois, representing the new class of ECW, competed in the annual Money in the Bank ladder match in a losing effort. Since then, and thereafter, the name C.M. Punk has become synonymous with Money in the Bank; because he is the only one to ever win the Money in the Bank match two consecutive years. However, fans were behind C.M. Punk until his decision to cash in on a newly crowned Jeff Hardy; which was hypocritical since, just the year before, fans cheered on Punk when he cashed in on an assaulted Edge (heel) to capture his first World Heavyweight Title.

The backlash from the fans has reverted Punk back to his heel gimmick from his Ring of Honor Wrestling days. Aligned with a close group of devout followers, C.M. Punk has become something close to Christ-like. Many even have gone as far as to label Punk as the anti-Christ, and after looking at his new t-shirt (a demented C.M. Punk caricature surrounded by a ring of flowers) he very well may be just that. C.M. Punk has taken it upon himself to lead this crusade of cleansing the masses from the damaging effects of drugs and alcohol, which he has successfully accomplished with Luke Gallows and Serena. But he has his sights set on one particular recruit by the name of Rey Mysterio. The reason being Mysterio interfered in C.M. Punk’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Match.

Guaranteeing the crowning of a new Mr. Money in the Bank, Rey Mysterio is considered the hero of the story, but is he? It seems to be Mysterio's M.O. to sabotage former champions' efforts from recapturing the World Title. In a Fatal Four-way match at Bragging Rights, Mysterio cost Batista the title; and most recently, he thwarted C.M. Punk’s dreams of becoming a 3-time Money in the Bank winner, and no less, a 4-time World Champion.

Since turning heel, C.M. Punk has attempted to cleanse the WWE one superstar at a time. The first success was eliminating Jeff Hardy from the WWE, the leader of the screw-ups in the world. Then by belittling the Undertaker in a fixed submission match at Breaking Point. And now, his crowning achievement is to cleanse Rey Mysterio and convert him into a Straightedge follower.

It’s no secret that Rey Mysterio has had problems with drugs and alcohol, as he confesses to, in his book Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask, admitting himself to rehab. Hence, why C.M. Punk set the stipulation if Mysterio were to lose this WrestleMania match, he would have to take Punk’s hand and pledge a straightedge life. However, WrestleMania did not pan out exactly how C.M. Punk envisioned the reckoning of his Straightedge Society. In a highly fast-paced match with numerous GTS and 619 attempts, it was Mysterio who came out on top. Punk avoided the 619 on two occasions, one by catching Mysterio and following through with a GTS, and when Serena protected him from the second attempt. Despite the perfect strategy by C.M. Punk to place both Serena and Luke Gallows at opposite sides of the ring, Mysterio managed to knock over Gallows and quickly connected with the 3rd and final 619.

Rey Mysterio may have gotten away this time, but with WWE returning to Maryland with Extreme Rules, expect the Straightedge Society to retaliate.

WrestleMania XXVI: Part 1

Unified Tag Team Championship Match: ShoMiz vs. John Morrison and R-Truth

Just like Night of Champions when Chris Jericho introduced The Big Show as his replacement partner, The Unified Tag Team Championship Match opened the show.

R-Truth came skipping and jumping down the ramp of the University of Phoenix Stadium, which is a great start to what each year promises to be the greatest wrestling spectacle of the year. John Morrison came down the ramp and bent space and time with the slow motion pose; while the reigning champions, ShoMiz charged down the ramp looking to annihilate the competition.

From The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff, The British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation, to Demolition, The Rockers, The Hardyz, Edge and Christian, and The Dudleys, the Tag Team Championships have always created many great WrestleMania moments. However, with the passing of the time tag team wrestling is becoming a thing of the past. Therefore this championship match was short and concise, just allowing each wrestler about a minute of in-ring time before Big Show sneaked a tag and K-O'ed John Morrison.

Randy Orton's Voices Saved Him
Triple Threat Match: Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes vs Ted DiBiase

At WrestleMania there are some things that must happen, and this Triple Threat was one of them. The reason why so many people have been cheering for Randy Orton in recent weeks is because they knew that the demise of Legacy was nearing.

With the assistance of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton was portrayed as a weak competitor relying on his lackies to fight his fights. Yet, before Legacy came along, Orton was The Legend Killer and reigned as the WWE Champion in a period known as The Age of Orton. There is no secret that Legacy has been holding him back, and after last night, Randy Orton has returned.

Cody Rhodes, believed by some to be going over in this match, entered the arena with a new entrance theme (TBA), red trucks, and white boots. Most likely in honor of his father "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes.

Ted DiBiase, the only one who entered to the Legacy "Its a New Day" theme, has always pretended to be on Orton's side, but no one has had more resentment that the son of "The Million Dollar Man." Speaking of, Ted DiBiase's father was inducted to the Hall of Fame class of 2010.

The match resembled a handicap match as Rhodes and DiBiase double teamed on Orton. Yet, their egos got in the way as DiBiase attempted a cover while Rhodes went for the moonsault. The severed alliance allowed The Viper to grab both Rhodes and DiBiase for a Double Hanging DDT. Then, almost as if he was listening to the voices in his head, Orton viciously punted Cody Rhodes in the head, and then wildly struck DiBiase with the RKO while avoiding Dream Street.

Orton took back his mantel on top of the ropes and outstretch his arms in glory of his victory. The backdrop behind Orton simply read RKO with the image of wings, sending the message that the burdon has been lifted and Orton is free.

Smells like "American" Money
Money in the Bank Ladder Match

For the first time in two years, The Money in the Bank Ladder Match revealed a new victor other than C.M. Punk, "The All-American-American" Jack Swagger. This contest of ladders holds far greater importance than probably any other match at 'Mania because it represents the company's pick of who should become the next World Champion. Much like Rob Van Dam, Edge, and C.M. Punk, Jack Swagger has the rare opportunity to capture either his first WWE or World Heavyweight Title.

Yet, becoming Mr. Money in the Bank was not a simple task because this year's MitB was a close call as each superstar were finger tips away from cementing their careers. Evan Bourne could have gone for it, but like all high flyers, he decided a Shooting Star Press was the way to go. Matt Hardy and Christian exchanged blows at the top of the ladder, each touching the briefcase for a fleeting moment. Either of these two ladder technicians would have been an odds on favorite to win the match, but others followed suit.

This year Kofi Kingston provided another strange display of climbing ladders as took the two halves of the broken ladder to walk over to the briefcase, Cirque du soleil style. MVP and Shelton Benjamin both making their way to the top warded off the other from reaching the briefcase. But whether you were perfection, the chosen one, or simply the only former world champion, it was all about strategy, thinking with your head, and having the mental fortitude to become the next World Champion. Congratulations to Jack Swagger for reaching the apex of his career, and starting a new chapter. Far from the land of extreme where Swagger became the ECW Champion within a few months, Swagger has the opportunity to escalate his career even further.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

SmackDown Results: 3/26/10 - Final Momentum Towards WrestleMania

The Final Confrontation: Canadian DNA

Chris Jericho praises his WrestleMania oppoenent Edge. He is a tremendous performer, his drive and determination is second to none. There has never been anyone in the business able to come back from as many injuries as Edge. Came back three months early from his Achilles Tendon injury, won the Royal Rumble and that is an impressive story. Chris admits that Edge has every tool to defeat him except for one, DNA. Chris Jericho has never been injured, but Edge is constantly injured. Chris Jericho has vowed that he will use that flaw to end Edge's career.

This is not a Title vs. Career match, but Jericho will look to tear Edge's tendon. Both Edge and Jericho can endure pain, but Edge is accident prone. As Jericho said, it all comes down to DNA.

Final Momentum: John Morrison and R-Truth Going Over with fans

John Morrison and R-Truth are desparetly trying to go over with the fans with rendition of early 90's jokes, "If it was an eating contest, Big Show'd be undefeated." Whether The Miz and Big Show are the most dominate tag team or not, John Morrison and R-Truth will most likely not go over at 'Mania.

The main event in this 3-match SmackDown, with the other 2 being aired on WWE Superstars, featured R-Truth against The Big Show. As per usual, Big Show dominated the match but missed a high flying elbow drop. Then Morrison came in and the two executed a double DDT. Truth struck Show with a head scizzors kick followed by Morrison with the Chuck kick. Miz entered to then be struck with the Lie Detector and Starship Pain.

Whether Morrison and Truth deserve it or not, they have all the momentum going into this match.

SmackDown Results: 3/26/10 - Beth Phoenix Excuses Vickie Guerrero

Beth Phoenix has had her eyes set on Michelle McCool's Women's Title since arriving to SmackDown early in the fall. But a rising Mickie James took the spotlight, leaving Beth to side with McCool to take on her only threat, at the time.

Yet, with Mickie James taking time off to promote her debut country album, Beth Phoenix was certain that her time to challenge for the Women's Title had come. That was until Divas GM, Vickie Guerrero denied the Glamazon the opportunity. Instead of continuing to take a back seat, Beth Phoenix created an enemy within Vickie Guerrero, which culminated into this match between Beth and Vickie.

Much like the evil streak of Mr. McMahon, Vickie altered the match in her favor, making it into a 5-on-1 handicap match. Vickie Guerrero was joined by Women's Champion, Michelle McCool, Divas' Champion, Maryse, Layla, and Alicia Fox. Let's face it, Beth Phoenix is the most dominate "diva" in all of the WWE; heck, Beth Phoenix is the most dominating women's wrestler in all the WWE. And for Todd Grisham to comment, "She's dominate, but not that dominate," when introduced to her four other competitors, one doesn't simply know how dominate Beth can be. In addition, Beth Phoenix is a women's wrestler competing against two models, a former teacher, a dancer, and the widow of Eddie Guerrero, how hard can it be?

The match started off with Layla over confident of Phoenix's odds of winning the match, but in all honesty, Beth can tear her apart. Then during a Guerrilla Press lift, McCool started nudging the head of Beth Phoenix. You might as well be poking a bear or sticking your hand in a tank of piranhas, because Beth helicopter spinned Layla to knock down McCool. After that all hell broke loose as Beth didn't want to wait for the tags, but threw them into the ring and double clotheslined divas 2 at a time. But the numbers game was too much, and a simple kick to the face did her in for the 3-count, much like what happened to Orton on RAW. And just like McMahon, Vickie was tagged in to cover Beth for that 3-count.

And if things couldn't get any worse for Beth Phoenix, McCool suggested that Vickie execute the Frog Splash over the Glamazon. Indeed, it would have been an odd tribute to her late-husband, but the ribbiting splash was held off as Mickie James, Kelly-Kelly, Eve Torres, and Gail Kim cleared the ring. Which it has been announced on that all 9, plus Vickie, will compete in a 10 Diva Tag Match at WrestleMania.

And the coup de grâce, Beth got some payback on Vickie Guerrero by accidently ripping off Vickie's pants. Now, I know this is not the wardrobe malfunction that men dream of when watching the Divas wrestle, but it was possibly the most hilarious thing on television. WWE is TV-PG, really? Because I believe that her grandma panties which read "Excuse Me" in bedazzled jewels just blinded the WWE Universe. Beth Phoenix, much like Melina, has crossed over from heel to fan favorite in miraculous fashion.

As for the WrestleMania match, whether it is a dark match or simply five minutes, it beats any Divas match in the past 3 years. There is no Playboy gimmicked matches, Lumber jills, or spoof Divas Battle Royal, it will be 5 on 5 in a clean match.